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Moving Reconciliation Forward

Towards a new relationship with Indigenous Peoples

Provincial governments have an enormous role to play in implementing the recommendations of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission and the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Our school and university curricula must include meaningful Indigenous perspectives; our health care services must provide suitable supports and access for Indigenous people; and our government planning systems must include real consultation, just to name a few areas.

This work is both practical and symbolic, forming new, better relationships between governments and Indigenous Peoples based on mutual respect and recognition of historical injustices. If elected, I would work to bring back treaty land acknowledgements to the legislature and government events. I would help rebuild funding to Indigenous family support organizations like the Ben Calf Robe Society (which were cut by the UCP), and bring back the Indigenous Climate Leadership Initiative. I would properly fund and staff the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and build cooperation with municipal and First Nation governments.

As a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA), I am very aware of how the UCP has set back relations with Indigenous Peoples in this province. Despite significant steps forward with the Federal government, the UCP tore up the negotiations framework toward a provincial consultation policy with the MNA. The UCP continues to refuse any discussion on MNA consultations, despite a court challenge. The Métis people of Alberta deserve better.

Across many ministries and government agencies, the UCP has shown a disregard for Alberta’s Indigenous Peoples and has dragged its feet on reconciliation. This is not the example we need as we work to change our ways of thinking and relating. I would work to empower indigenous voices and build relationships based on respect, understanding and empathy.


What are your ideas about how should Alberta better move forward with reconciliation? Let me know!

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