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Strong PUBLIC Education

A foundation for Alberta's future


As a graduate of Augustana, and an occasional instructor there, I know first hand the importance of post-secondary education in our community. Universities, colleges and technical schools are a backbone of Alberta’s future economic growth, our cultural institutions, the health of our communities, and our ability to meet tomorrow’s challenges. We cannot allow them to stagnate, let alone face the current devastating cuts to their ability to operate. We also cannot pass more burden onto students in exorbitant tuition increases. Post-secondary institutions are key economic drivers for our province, and should be treated as such.

Rural-focused programming is also central to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our rural communities. For example, I would work to bring back Augustana’s nursing and physical therapy programs, which would go a long way towards addressing Camrose’s extended nursing shortage and allow residents in our constituency to enter these fields without having to move or commute to Edmonton.


With my daughter starting kindergarten last fall, I am very worried by the UCP’s curriculum they are forcing on schools. It was developed through a completely flawed process and the result is so inappropriate for our children that they need to scrap it and start over. Or even better, they could build on the previously developed curriculum from the PCs and NDP that was properly developed with expert consultation but shelved by the UCP. Our children deserve better.


What would you like to see happen with Alberta's education systems? How could an NDP government do things differently? Let me know!

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