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Woman & Doctor

To Rebuild and Strengthen Public Health Care

Our healthcare system is in crisis. Camrose continues to suffer from a serious nursing shortage, many continue to lack access to a family doctor, and our healthcare professionals continue to lack the support they need.

To Move Reconciliation Forward

Reconciliation requires real commitment to a new form of relationship between all levels of government and indigenous peoples, based on an understanding and recognition of the truths our repressive colonial past. As a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, I know how the UCP have failed to do this, and I will help ensure an NDP government will do better.

To Strengthen Public Education

My daughter is entering kindergarten next year, so I know the worries parents have about the education of their children and the disastrous curriculum being pushed by the UCP.  I also look with dismay on the cuts to Augustana and higher education in Alberta.

To Support Rural Communities

The UCP's efforts to push expenses onto rural municipalities, while reducing their tax base, has hit our rural communities hard. Rural communities need better representation and support at the provincial table.

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